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How do you do?

Are you looking for best business practice, computer help, marketing or ad help? Any help relating to the internet or selling your goods or products? Let me help you if you have any basic or advanced computer and/or internet questions.

I want to help because I know I like getting help sometimes. Computer chat or speech changes a lot and SEO is the main part of this info, post, and guide, whatever this is to get more views, faster views and show how to drive traffic.

SEO Writing is a simple way to get buyers, clients, partners, and friends.

This is a sample and you have to have lists

  • It is real life speech with an easy to follow flow.
  • Speech patterns and phrases lead consumers, users, patrons, people, to your site.
  • You want fast info with great results.
  • Try to sound cool, but not forced.
  • All you do is get to the point while showing the plus sides.
  • Maybe try an overused or popular phrase or saying like For I know the plans I have for you.
  • Let this be a sign or a signal but only for good or else.

SEO is a tool unlike any other:

It is unique to the internet, search engines, and data bases. It is a helper, device, worker, and a hand. Those things use SEO to direct people using the internet to pages or sites that have the words they look for. Try not to sound like too much because people want the best deals, the best offers, the best of the best, and that speaks for itself. Nothing amazing needs to try too hard.

You want to invite others to feel the drive you have.

And a good product sells itself, with proper marketing. The right marketing has many parts, like:

  • Social media, promotions or sales, and working with others.
  • It takes a team to get social media numbers, many hours and a lot of work goes into any good post.
  • Easy and clean is how it should be, classic but original with your own taste.
  • Did this float your boat? My goal is to show SEO.

This info about SEO is really a test to see who finds it based on these words, let me know in a comment below if this makes sense or was hard to get!

Also please let me know if you have any SEO tips for me, I’m always open for learning or talking about topics. Please add me on insta if you like it, link is on the right side of this page.


Helping others succeed will lead to your own success because success is feeling fulfilled which has to do with meaningful work.

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Sexual Behaviors and Abstinence in Young People’s Culture Today

Sex plays a huge part in today’s society.  There are songs about sex and music videos with extreme sexual themes, television shows and movies with sex, and many other things displaying sexuality inappropriately.  Sexual abstinence, which is restraining from sexual relations, is a much less discussed habit, a fact about people they don’t often share openly.  An important aspect of Christianity is abstinence, which is a difficult stipulation to live by even for Christians; it is a behavior often brought on by an extreme adherence to rules Jesus laid out in the Bible.  In Mark 7:20-23 Jesus said, “What comes out of a person is what defiles them.  For it is from within, out of a person’s heart, that evil thoughts come- sexual immorality, theft, murder, adultery, greed, malice, deceit, lewdness, envy, slander, arrogance, and folly.  All these evils come from inside and defile a person.”  Some subjective experiences from college students explore issues around sexual abstinence and sexual immorality. 

UNCW student Zoe Harris said, “I don’t see abstinence as a rule that God demands of His people, but rather God having His people’s best interest in mind.”  Her statement reflects recurrent points that students practicing abstinence share, relationships become less complicated, there is less hassle, and you are happier than while living sinfully.

Religion doesn’t just get passed down from parents or grandparents to children.  Personal experiences can lead to changing beliefs and new peace.  UNCW student Brandon Allenczy said, “My family understands (me practicing abstinence), but (they) don’t share the same perspectives.”  Some of these students are living healthier sexual lives than their parents did.  Byron said, “Sex is meant to be a gift, not mindless pleasure.”  Her thoughts echoed Moore saying, “People enjoy the physical part, not the emotional part.”  That would make sense as to a culture of sexually-driven people; people are bombarded by evil-driven daily choices to view inappropriate material on the internet, or to read lewd novels such as Fifty Shades of Grey.

Harris said, “Whether I was a person of faith or not, the more I look at the choices, the more I realize how smart it is just to wait until marriage anyway.”  Sex isn’t going anywhere.  Young people having inappropriate relations does nothing but damage a person’s soul.  Moore said, “People need to relate it to giving pieces of yourself away.” 


Erin Moore
By: Megan Young

If a couple doesn’t have sex, they aren’t necessarily in a hurry to tie the knot like couples that have sexual relations may expect.  Allenczy said, “I don’t feel rushed (to get married), but it gives an added sweetness to the prospect of marriage because it’s going to be that much more special for both partners.”  It may even be a little awkward doing the deed with a husband or wife for the first time, but that’s part of the point of waiting. 

UNCW student Erin Moore said, “It’s part of my religion, Christianity.  I believe in the Bible, and that’s more personal than the Ten Commandments which get broken every day.”  Moore said, “In relationships where people don’t have sex, there’s no pressure to do something like you owe something to someone.  There’s no fear of getting pregnant or STD’s.  People in this culture don’t take care of their bodies.  God says treat our bodies like a Temple of the Holy Spirit…It’s important to do things with intentions for God.”  She recommended reading 1st Corinthians, 6:18-20, which states, “Flee from sexual immorality.  All other sins a person commits are outside the body, but whoever sins sexually, sins against their own body.  Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God?  You are not your own; you were bought at a price.  Therefore honor God with your bodies.”

UNCW student Kayla Byron had an inspiring comeback story.  Byron said, “I grew up in a Christian home, but I rebelled after being raped my first time.  I felt like, after that, I had been waiting all that time for nothing.  I grew out of anger about it, and it made me see myself in a different light.  The Lord lets something happen to show us or teach us.  I started going back to church and realized I was worth more than sleeping with guys and like, there’s redemption even though I’ve broken his laws.”  As Galatians 5:19-21says, “The acts of the sinful nature are obvious: sexual immorality, impurity, and debauchery; idolatry and witchcraft; hatred, discord, jealousy, fits of rage, selfish ambition, dissensions, factions, and envy; drunkenness, orgies, and the like.  I warn you, as I did before, that those who live like this will not inherit the kingdom of God.”  Overcoming acts of evil done by other people is an important part of living a happier life; it’s the same as overcoming past sinful actions and behaviors to understand the way of life.


Kayla Byron
By: Megan Young

Outlining the thought processes of young people living sexual lifestyles, Harris said, “The idea is usually “why not have sex? Or, how will you know if you should marry someone if you don’t sleep with them?” Harris said, “The best part of practicing abstinence is knowing that I am consciously making a decision to please the Lord and that blessings come with obedience.”  With obedience to God in life comes true pleasure and security otherwise unachievable through living for the flesh.  The hopes of abstinent students are for others living the wrong way to understand that they can receive forgiveness, but only when they admit there had been an issue in the first place.

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Here is a video I made about the Worst Things Servers Have Done to Customers on Accident! 


Enjoy ❤

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Climbing Wall Profile

Climbing Wall Calls Students to Ascend

Megan Young


Close up of the wall.

The Student Recreation Center, or rec center, is a popular place for students of UNCW.  The center has pools, a training and fitness room, a gym with a court for various sports, and an intimidating climbing wall.  Located behind a tall glass wall, the climbing wall is secluded and quieter than the rest of the rec center.  The twenty-eight feet tall fake mountainsides with handholds loom over a help desk attached to the climbing wall room.  To advanced climbers, the formidable wall is a sight of pleasure, for beginners, it’s a daunting challenge.  For students looking to climb, the wall is available for free, Monday through Thursday from five p.m. to ten p.m., Saturday from two p.m. to 5 p.m., and Sunday from five p.m. to ten p.m.

To partake in climbing, there are a few necessary pieces of paperwork that need to be done. Right at the small office of the climbing wall, first-time climbers fill out a safety waver, a consent form, and a helmet waiver if one is feeling dangerous.  The wall has no routinely busy times, and it is almost always slow in the evenings around eight.  Sometimes groups of people come together, and then when they leave the place is dead.  The tides of people are unpredictable.  The climbing routes are also unpredictable, as they get changed up routinely.


Photo of me along the easy yellow-lined route.

At the semester’s beginning, all of the routes were altered, and climbing wall staff are still in the process of adding new routes to the wall.  A route is marked by specific numbers or colors of tape near the rocks.  The left side of the wall has the easier paths, and the right side has paths with more difficulty.  Easier routes have rocks closer together or bigger handholds, while more difficult paths have unthinkable space between rocks and rocks so small, climbers can barely hold on. A popular newbie route is one on the left along the back wall, marked with yellow tape and clear handholds all the way to the top.

On average there isn’t much of a wait to climb, just the time it takes to gear up.  Unless there’s a shortage of belayers and an abundance of climbers, then the wait could take some time.  In case of a longer-than-expected wait, it may be wise to bring a book or something to study if you are a student.  The only way to cut down on wait time while helping others in the process is to become a belayer.  Belayers not only keep people safe while they are climbing, they also help climbers correctly put on the necessary gear.  Gearing up includes putting on climbing shoes, which fit really snug and are almost like water shoes, getting the harness on and tight, and donning a helmet, if desired.  The hemlets are comfortable, and able to be fitted against the head by yellow wheels on either side of the helmets inside edge.  Figuring out the harness is the hardest part; the part with the loop that looks like a handle needs to be in the front, the leg holes need to be tightened, and the strap that holds one’s middle must be pulled correctly and tucked back in to the buckle.  Then a belayer steps in to tie the harness to the climbing rope and the climber is set.


Houston Gilbreath and Michelle Streve

Belaying clinics are available to teach people interested in learning a new skill how to belay others.  UNCW sophomore Rachel Lineback has been a belayer for a year and a half.  She really enjoyed the belaying clinic, and described it as “Very informative and helpful, they showed us all the knots, explained everything well, and made sure we knew them before we left.”  One main thing belayers learn how to do is tie climbers into a harness correctly.  The knot, a figure eight follow-through, is about as big as a fist.  The UNCW belayers that were interviewed agreed that the knots were really easy to learn, something that may be considered something to worry about.  UNCW sophomore and belayer Houston Gilbreath said, “The small class-size and people teaching were helpful.”  The cost of the clinic is $10 for students, or $12 for faculty and staff or guests.  The clinics run for two hours and the next three sessions are in mid-March.  The last three belaying clinics of spring semester are in mid-April.

UNCW’s climbing wall is an excellent facility.  Michelle Shreve, UNCW graduate student, has climbed East Carolina University’s wall, which is attached to a wall behind a volleyball court.  Shreve said “There is no glass wall at ECU, the glass is helpful.  UNCW’s wall is better, bigger with more options.”  Will Weinel, a senior at UNCW, has climbed the wall in the rec center, as well as a wall in Raleigh, and has worked at Putt-Putt Fun Center in Raleigh.  He stated that “UNCW has the most climbing wall variety and the belayers are really helpful, compared to automatic belaying at Putt-Putt Fun Center.”  The automatic belaying was a machine that held the rope, and if a climber fell, the rope would be stopped with a yank.  If the person wasn’t being careful with their feet placement, they could smash into the wall more easily than when a person belaying holds the rope steady if a climber falls.  A good belayer is always paying complete attention to the climber, and is ready and waiting if a slip or fall was to happen.


Will Weinel

Students have their own favorite parts about climbing.  UNCW senior Connor Duval stated, “The best part is the thrill of climbing and getting so into it that you forget you have a rope attached to you.”  He also said, “It’s super exciting and death defying.”  Those important ropes and clips, the only things saving one from certain death by fall.  Shreve said, “The dissent back down is like flying.”  When dissenting, climbers must repel down slowly, while kicking off the wall with their toes.  About being a belayer, Gilbreath said, “I really like seeing other people get psyched over the same things as me.”  Other people enjoy the strenuous workout aspect behind climbing.  Weinel said, “Climbing is really nice for a good arm workout, and you feel accomplished.”  He was able to make it to the top of an easier route in roughly five minutes, and spent around ten minutes braving a more difficult path to the top.  Nearly all of the climbers seemed to make it to the top of the wall, perhaps because more people who know how to climb come than people who have never climbed before.

Some of the climbers emphasized the climbing wall’s ability to bring friendships together.  Most of them got started climbing because of their friends.  Weinel said, “My friend first invited me in high school to go climbing with him, and I met other people that went climbing at UNCW that got me started.”  Climbing is a good way to interact with friends in a challenging and unpredictable environment.

The climbers offered great advice for beginners.  According to Gilbreath, “Just doing it is helpful, there’s a safe system.”  He also said, “Don’t be discouraged, you will see immediate improvement.”  Practice makes perfect is a good sentiment to keep in mind, the more you climb, the easier it becomes.  Shreve said, “Just keep trying.”  In the belaying clinic, attendees are taught ways to try to calm climbers down and to make them less afraid in situations of panic.  Lineback said, “We talk to people a lot to make them comfortable or to calm them down.”  Sometimes thinking about the obvious is helpful.  “Don’t look at the ground,” Duval said.  If one is afraid of heights, looking down may produce an extreme fear and the need to dissent.  Despite unknown outcomes, trying new things is an important aspect of being at college, and climbing is a good way for people to face their fears and become more daring in a safe environment.

Figure 8 knot

Figure 8 follow-through knot

It is quite an experience to climb at UNCW’s climbing wall.  The people that participate are dedicated, there is even a UNCW Rock Climbing Club.  The members post about meeting to climb, and off campus events and outings associated with climbing.  As of right now, there are no actual Physical Education classes that incorporates the climbing wall, but a class is in the works.  A similar class is coming out in the fall, which uses an adventure course, according to Dr. Lynn Long, Program Coordinator and Assistant Professor for PED 101 classes.  Climbing is not only exciting from a fear-aspect, but is also fun and a good way to get a nontraditional workout.  Anyone who is looking for something new and stimulating should consider climbing.  When done properly, there is virtually no danger; UNCW’s climbing wall hasn’t had any mishaps since opening.  There should be nothing to stop adventurous people who haven’t climbed yet from trying the climbing wall.  The belayers are safe and nice, the equipment is good quality, and exercising is better than playing video games all day long, as many college students do.  Not to mention, nothing makes a cooler social media photo than action shots climbing and enjoying life.

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